Puppy Training

Puppies are a joy to be around! They bring us happiness and love. But they can also be a handful! New puppy parents are wise to take advantage of the most critical, early months of their puppy’s development by teaching manners and life skills. Our approach is gentle, enjoyable, and effective. Training is designed to be mastered by all members of the family so adults and children alike can form a lasting bond with their new puppy. Our lessons are designed to teach puppies to love listening to their owners, thereby producing willingly compliant, mannerly, good-natured, and easily-handled adult dogs. WagMore Dog Training can help get you and your puppy off to a great start and ensure she’s a well balanced, safe, and happy dog for the rest of your lives together.

Private Lessons: Private lessons will give your puppy a big head start with training. Lessons take place in your home with your family and one of our certified trainers. Private lessons are a great choice for families who want to take part in every aspect of their puppies training, and for those who have the time to commit to daily training sessions. { 60 minutes: $150+tax }

Puppy Camps: Puppy camp is a great option for busy, working families or for those having a difficult time training their puppy themselves. Puppies who take part in our puppy camp come to live with a certified trainer full time in their home. Pup’s receive a great head start to housetraining, crate training, socialization, and an introduction to basic obedience. Puppies are also carefully socialized with strangers, other puppies, and our vaccinated & friendly adult helper dogs. These programs are individually tailored for each and every puppy depending on the puppy’s needs and family’s goals. {1200+tax per week }

Common topics in puppy training include, but are not limited to:

  • Housetraining
  • Preventing/handling common puppy issues such as nipping, inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, and jumping
  • Teaching your puppy to come when called, sit, lie down, stay, and how to walk on a loose leash
  • Impulse control (leave it, manners at doorways and when food is placed on the table, etc.)
  • Greeting people politely without jumping
  • Safe, controlled socialization with other dogs and strangers
  • Early identification and prevention of behavior problems such as aggression, fear, and anxiety

Enlisting WagMore training services has been one of the best decisions we have made. Melanie is the ultimate professional who makes the training process such a fun, engaging, and positive process for our puppy and our family! She has provided us with the guidance and tools to be better puppy parents. Our puppy has been a true pleasure as a result of the beautiful manners and positive behavior WE have learned as a result of Melanie’s insightful, constructive, and positive training practices.” 

— Jen and Charlie


We love Melanie! She helped us train our Labradoodle Vinny. We now also have a 5 month old Labradoodle puppy. She came to us a little bit aggressive and guarding, and Melanie has helped us tremendously in working through that (especially with my children). Melanie gave my son and daughter activities to do with the puppy to work on trust and tolerance. Our puppy is doing so much better. Our family has been so happy with Melanie and her method of training our dogs. We highly recommend her!” 

— Lauren, Vinny, & Stella

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Obedience Training

Do you have a dog who won’t return to you when she’s outside off leash? Does your pup pull you down the street on every walk? Maybe you just want to be able to bring your pup to outdoor restaurants, friend’s houses, or dog parks without worrying about their behavior? WagMore Dog Training offers training lessons & packages to help teach your dog new skills and to help increase the reliability of commands your dog already knows.

Private Obedience Training Lessons: Private lessons involve meeting with your trainer to learn how to train your dog. Lessons are held 2-4 times a month, for approximately 1 hour per lesson. Training lessons are tailored to meet the dog’s needs and the owner’s goals, and may be held at home, at the park, or any number of locations to facilitate a well rounded training program. Daily practice by the family is necessary for effective learning as well as follow up maintenance to ensure good results in the future.

Board and Train Camp:

Board and train program length and elements are customized based on owner goals. Keep in mind that the duration of your dog’s stay effects how much can be accomplished. Your follow up when your dog returns home is a key element to make the most of the progress, so each board and train camp includes free lessons for you as well!


Melanie is amazing! Our dog Solie just completed a 2 week board and train and there is no question that she has made great strides. I am so grateful that we found Melanie…I would recommend her in a heartbeat!”

– Rachel and Solie


Melanie genuinely cares. She was accommodating, used positive reinforcement, and spent extra time helping us work through some harder skills. I always felt she went above and beyond and I would recommend WagMore Dog Training to anyone looking for a safe, positive training experience.

– Madeleine & Crumb

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Behavior Modification

Do you need help with your dog’s aggression, fear, or anxiety? Having a dog with a behavior problem can be extremely stressful, disappointing, disheartening, and often sad. Our mission is to continue to keep dogs and owners happily together and prevent dogs from being given up or euthanized due to behavior problems that could have been successfully treated.

Our certified trainers have years of experience helping owners and dogs overcome behavior issues.

Behavior tops addressed include (but are not limited to):

  • On leash reactivity toward people, dogs, or objects (barking, lunging, growling, biting, etc.)
  • Barking/growling/biting when people enter your home
  • Off leash aggression toward dogs, people, and objects
  • Barking, whining, and destructive behavior caused by separation anxiety
  • Fear based behaviors
  • Aggression in response to grooming, petting, or being handled by people
  • Aggressive behaviors in your home toward children, cats, or other dogs

I no longer had to hide my dog in my bedroom whenever I had visitors in an attempt to shield them from my dog’s anxiety… Melanie is a professional of the highest level and loves her job and is dedicated to the welfare of the dogs she trains. In the 8 years I’ve had my dog, and the countless trainers that have tried to help him, I had never met anyone like her.”

– Christian & Rock


Melanie worked with our rescue pit mix during a 4-week board and train. Our dog was very fearful outside and had trouble walking down the street without putting on the brakes. After the 4 weeks, our dog was so drastically improved we could hardly believe it. She was more responsive, more balanced, and walked much more confidently.”

— Lyris & Delphi

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Trick Training

Does your dog already know sit and stay? There’s still so much to learn! WagMore Dog Training is now offering enrichment lessons designed to help you keep your dog busy and active. Our enrichment lessons are designed to provide your dog with activities that allow her to engage in
natural behaviors, thereby satisfying natural drives.

Whether you have a pit bull or a poodle, we can help you tap into your dog’s natural instincts and provide appropriate outlets for them to engage in. These activities lead to satisfied dogs who are less likely to go looking for their own trouble to get into!

Every dog is a great candidate for trick training and enrichment activities!

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Group Classes

Contact us if you are interested in participating in group classes.