Helper Dogs

Brody, CGC

Brody is Melanie’s 9 year old border collie/hound mix who was rescued from Georgia in 2012 by Ruff House Rescue. Brody has logged hundreds of hours helping socialize fearful, nervous, and aggressive adult dogs, and even more time being the friendly, adult dog in puppy socialization classes. He loves learning new tricks and excelled at Karen Pryor Academy, graduating alongside Melanie in 2013. Brody’s favorite activities include walks through the trails, hikes in Vermont, playing with treat puzzles, and chewing on bully sticks. Brody has been at Melanie’s side through a majority of her training career, and she couldn’t ask for a better companion and teacher to learn from every day.


Ziggy is Melanie’s super friendly, 8 year old standard Goldendoodle. His excitement and enthusiasm are constant reminders to enjoy all the small things life has to offer. Ziggy’s claim to fame is showing off his self-control by running to his bed when guests are at the door. He has helped socialize many puppies over the last two years and is especially calm and patient with small breed dogs. Ziggy’s favorite activities include eating, going to the dog park, and meeting new people. Ziggy is currently working toward his Canine Good Citizen certification.